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Forged Steel Products for Auto Industry

The basic product line includes the manufacture of various types of forged steel weighing between 0.5 - 11 kg to be installed as part of sliding, articulated and roller bearings, with various bearing box sizes, multi purpose hubs, flanges and other disc like shapes. UNIS TOK's forging process is very unique and provides the company with a competitive advantage. The process involves forging and rolling which is suitable for the manufacture of bearing rings which are built into the most complex machine assemblies.

In the last few years UNIS TOK is developing into a specialized mid volume manufacturer of bearing rings that are built into the bearing rings of the largest vehicles produced by Mercedes, Volvo, Daimler-Chrysler, DAF, MAN etc.

The factory has the capacity to produce 3 M forged steel pieces p.a. which is equivalent to 7600 ton of processed steel. The trend is toward an increase in capacity and investment. All manufacturing processes are strictly controlled according to set procedures which are aligned with the demands of the buyers. The client/buyer receives a maximum guarantee on the quality of the product and a complete logistical services including delivery to the required address.