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History Of Our Company

„UNIS TOK“ Kalesija is a company that produces forged steel products and railway carriages parts. It was established in 1984, as a part of „UNIS Pretis Holding“ Sarajevo.

In the period between 1984 and 1992, the company employed between 160 and 180 workers on average.

The development until 1992 was based on a long tradition of the system and its development resources.

The company was privatized in April 2001, and this was followed by a period of consolidation and reorganization. In recent years the company has achieved continuous growth and development in all relevant parameters of business: the volume of production, financial realization, productivity, number of employees, product quality, customer orientation, safety and reliability of delivery.

The company currently employs 220 workers.

The company’s headquarters is in Kalesija; address: Senada Mehdina Hodžića 34.